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January 22, 2017

Skills Companion 17.4

Day 1

A1. 5x 1 negative front lever
A2. 5x 1 negative back lever

B. 8×5 UB butterfly kip (chin does not need to go above bar, just work on the motion)

C. 40 shoot-thrus


Day 2

A. 5×3 Archer pull-ups

B. 100 standing banded holow pulls

C. 15 super slow negative dragon flags


Day 3

A. Each FQ: 8x 10′ HS walk

B. 5x 2 negative HSPU

C. 4×8 pike walk-outs

Lifting Companion 17.4

23 January

A. Pause Squat: 8×2 @ 55% 1RM

B. 50 back rack lunges 95/65
C. 50 DB RDL 50/35

D. 40 GHD sit-ups


24 January

A. Jerk w/ pause in catch
8×2 @ 55% 1RM Jerk

B. 3x 10 front raises

C. 4×8 ring bicep curls


25 January

A. Clean
3x 65%
2x 70%
1x (75%)x2

B. Snatch
3x 65%
2x 70%
1x (75%)x2

20 GH raises


26 January



27 January

A. 10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10
HSPU AstrictAP

B. Bench Press
5×5 @ 55%

100 banded mid rows

January 15, 2017

Skills Companion Week 3

Day 1

A1. 12x 1 negative front lever
A2. 12 x 1 negative back lever

B. 8x 2 wtd muscle-ups

C. 40 parallette shoot-thrus
Day 2

A. 8x 5 Archer pull-ups/side

B. 1 min static DB hold 50/35, imediately follow 0:20 ME pull-ups
R2M40S x4 (score is total pull-ups)

C. 20 bar pull-overs
Day 3

A. 12x 15′ HS walk

B. accumulate 3:00 wall-facing HS hold

C. accumulate 2M in each hollow and arch hold

Lifting Companion Week 3

January 16

A. Back Squat
8×2 @ 80% 1RM

B. 3RM sumo DL

C. 60 twisting hanging heel raises
*K2midline pulling knees to one side of the body and switching each rep*

D. 6×2 seated box jumps 24/20
*from a full seated position on a box/bench, stand up immediately into a BJ*
January 17

A. Jerk 8×2 AHAP

B. 4×10 BN strict press 20% 1RM jerk

C. 8×2 wtd chin-up

D. 5×8 2-hand BN DB triceps extension
January 18

A. Snatch Pull + Snatch Pull w/ pause at knees + HPSn + TnG PSn

B. Clean Pull + Clean Pull w/ pause at knees + HPCln + TnG PCln

C. 3×20 belt squats AHAP

D. 100 med ball lying hamstring curl 10/6
January 19

January 20

A. 8×4 strict deficit HSPU

B. Bench Press 9×3 @ 75% (+ banded @ 60%)

C. Incline DB Bench 3×15

D. 6×4 suppinating DB curls

E. 4×10 lying reverse DB flys

Coach Ryan’s Succinct, To-the-Point, No-Nonsense FAQ and Recent Events News Blog (With Other Pertinent Information and Relative Knowledge Bombs too, also)

How is everyone’s back feeling?

I am very happy with our performances on the WOD’s over the past two weeks. One more tough week and we get a backload.
I would like to address scaling. There are many ways to scale movements. We either lower the range of motion, lower the weight, or replace a complex movement with relative and complimentary lower skill movements. The scale that I prescribe to go along with the workouts are a “best fit” scale. Some of you may need to scale further and some of you should be going closer to the Rx version of the movement than is the “official” scale.
For the higher skill movements, unless you are practicing for a significant amount of time outside of the metcon class workout, you will cease to improve in the movements. Burpee pull-ups are meant to mimic the bodyweight pull and press involved in the muscle-up, they are designed to increase strength in the movement patterns required to perform a muscle-up, but, even if you do thousands of them, they will not get you a muscle-up.
The best way to improve your scaling would be to approach it in a “mix-and-match” mindset. Let’s take Amanda for example, 9-7-5 muscle-ups and snatches. If I am improving in my muscle-ups but do not feel like I could adequately perform the required 21 muscle-ups in the WOD, I will try as many as I can each round. Maybe you surprise yourself and get more than you thought you would, maybe you get none, but you got practice at the movement while in a WOD setting and experience counts! The same attitude should be taken when performing double unders.
You can alternate how you mix up the movements in a couple ways: attempting max reps as Rx at the start of each set and switching to scale after you are certain the Rx movement is unattainable or set a time that you will adjust your WOD accordingly; a good Amanda time is around eight minutes, maybe I attempt three minutes Rx’d and switch to scale only if I am behind pace.
For weights, we get stronger by lifting heavier weights, faster. If an Rx workout calls for 135 and the scale is 95, maybe 95 feels too light but 135 is not possible. There is nothing wrong with doing 100 or 120 or whatever in the range between Rx and scale.
May the ravens of Odin gude you

January 8, 2017

Skills Companion Week 2

Day 1

A1. 11x 1 negative front lever
A2. 11x 1 negative back lever

B. 4x max UB MU

C. 5x max L-sit on rings at extension w/ external turnout
Day 2

A. 8x 4 Archer pull-ups/side

1- 1 peg board ascent
2- 1 legless rope climb

accumulate 40 hip-to-rings swings
Day 3

A. Each FQ
11x 15′ HS walk

B. 4 rounds
50′ OH walk band KB’s on BB 35/25
0:10 free-stand HS hold

15 wall walks onto plate 45/35

Lifting Companion Week 2

Day 1

A. Back Squat
8×2 @ 77% 1RM

B. 5RM sumo deadlift

C. 70 reverse hypers

D. 300 bicycle crunch
Day 2

A. Jerk 8×2 AHAP (85-90%)

B. 4×10 BN push press 40% 1RM jerk

C. 4×15 straight bar skull crusher

D. 40 barbell crescent moons
Day 3

A. Snatch Pull + Snatch Pull w/ pause at knees + HPSn + TnG PSn

B. Clean Pull + Clean Pull w/ pause at knees + HPCln + TnG PCln

C. 4x 15 belt squats AHAP

D. 9×4 GH raises
Day 4

A. Strict HSPU (+ deficit)

B. Bench Press
9×3 @ 70% (+ banded @ 45%)

C. Strict wide grip C2B

D. Diamond push-ups

January 3, 2017

Full Bore Blog

Happy New Year everyone!


Our gym is going through a major expansion, and, along with adding space we will be adding depth to our program. This blog will serve as a way for me to communicate with our growing Full Bore family and address frequently asked questions and concerns regarding the workouts; it will also serve as a platform for me to clarify my thought process and focus on the intent of each stage of the program as we get to it.


Initially I hope to update this blog bimonthly with the possibility of it becoming a weekly addition.

We are officially in Open Season! The 2017 CrossFit Open begins on the last weekend in February. This cycle’s WODs will be focused on getting us ready to have the best showing possible as a gym. In Opens past we have only seen about a dozen different movements, so expect to see seven weeks of a combination of these movements.


I will continue to be a strength focused coach and strength will still be the primary focus of the program but with more of an emphasis on strength in metcons and as supplemental workouts with less of an emphasis on the primary lifts themselves.


However, with an expanding gym the need of dedicated strength and skill work grows. For those of you who are looking to be extra competitive I will be releasing a complimentary lifting and skills/competitor workout each week.


For those of you looking to maximize the potential of the program I recommend doing the lifting WOD before the gym’s main WOD and the skills WOD after. The primary lift each day in the lifting and main WOD’s will be the same so this flow should be easy.


Also, we are now partnered with ROM WOD. I am very happy about this addition as I will admit that mobility is a weak point of my coaching game. I encourage all of you to incorporate the ROM WOD into your daily routine. Also, one day a week for the next seven weeks one WOD will be the day’s ROM WOD coupled with a workout from Opens past. This will fall on either Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday and will change days each week. Monday will be reserved for back squats.


Please comment with questions or find me in the gym to address anything in this post. Let’s make 2017 our strongest year to date!


May the ravens of Odin guide you.