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The Next Episode…
Hey all, we are entering the second week of the current cycle of the program and I would like to take a moment to address some of the things we are working towards.
1. We are focusing on competing in the Northshore Throwdown on November 11. It is a partner competition and I highly recommend everyone who has thought about competing sign-up. You are spending the next 14 weeks prepping for it so why not?
2. I am scaling down the strength specific work. This cycle is the least focused on strength that I have ever programmed. We are focusing on gymnastics and increased intensity and longer times in our metcons. We will still squat heavy every Monday (National Squat Heavy Day) and we will still focus on lifting heavy in our metcons, but, you will see fewer portions of WODs devoted specifically to lifting (not saying it won’t happen).
With that being said, I am working on a lifting companion that I should have implemented next week. I am not sure how I will post the workouts yet, stay tuned! It will include 3 days of lifting and lifting accessories a week.
3. With a heavier focus on gymnastics and competition we are focused more heavily on technique. We will be no repping more intently to prepare everyone for a competition environment; consider proper scaling to make your WODs more doable (ask a coach for scaling advice!).
4. Twice a week the last portion of our warm-up will be an extended focus on the pull-up. I think we did a great job overall of improving our pull-ups during the last cycle and I want to keep hammering while the iron is hot.
5. ROM WOD will remain a weekly mainstay, I will also be implementing some poses into our cool-downs more regularly.
6. You will see Heroes and Girls a little more regularly through the next 14 week.

As always please let me know if there are questions in either the comments or when you see me at the gym. Let’s get fit!

May Odin’s Ravens Guide You