January 2016 schedule changes


Beginning tomorrow, Jan 4th, the following changes to the gym’s schedule will occur.

1. The 3:30pm class is now an open gym class. You can come in and perform any wod or lifting program you wish. A coach will be present if you need any assistance.
2. The Bootcamp CrossFit class is removed. The 5:30pm slot is a regular CrossFit class now. For those members that regularly attended and enjoyed our Bootcamp class, do not dispair. We are now programming our Beginner’s track like Bootcamp so you can attend any CrossFit class and get a Bootcamp style workout with the same coaching attention.
3. No other program is allowed to be performed on the main floor area during regular class times. If you wish to do your own program(Outlaw/CompWOD/Invictus/etc), you can do it during open gym or in the jerk block area.
4. We are adding specialty classes on Saturdays at 9:30am. We will focus on 1 high skill movement and its progressions (double unders, muscle ups, etc) and coach it for 30 minutes. We will have a monthly agenda and post it at the beginning of the month so you will know ahead of time.

We’re making these changes to improve the gym as a whole. We hope 2016 is your best year in fitness to date.

If you have any questions about any of the above items, please see a coach.